Sports osteopathic techniques

Sportosteosteopathische Techniken

“Osteo” is standing for the bones, and “pathic” is standing for illness.

In a ‚broken disc‘, or ‚osteoarthritis‘, the pain is based on a complex disorder of the interaction of impaired tissue mobility (somatic dysfunction) with the central nervous system (impaired sensorimotor integrity).

If this broken circle is not treated, further damage of the tissues could occur in other parts of the body, which could lead to the chronic pain.

The goal of our treatment is in releasing the tension, lumps and blockades. This is achieved through the targeted application of a variety of manual medical and osteopathic hand movements, as well as the instruction of self-exercises. This alters the defective tissue information ( nociception) to the central nervous system and establishes a normalization of the disturbed interaction.

Application areas: